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North American Food Drive

Brothers Feeding Others

The North American Food Drive (NAFD) is a labor intensive, highly visible, incredibly rewarding philanthropy, designed to raise food for local communities, while promoting Lambda Chi Alpha. For many years, local chapters did their own philanthropies and Lambda Chi Alpha had no officially designated “international” outreach. The official food drive started in 1993, with efforts coordinated and tracked internationally. The event is typically held on the first Saturday in November.

The focus of the NAFD is for all chapters to participate in the same event on the same day. In 1993, 149 chapters took part in the first event. More than 250,000 pounds of food was raised for local food banks on that day, and more than 8,000 brothers participated. Since then the NAFD has continued to grow and several chapters now collect individually more than 100,000 pounds of food.

The food drive is basic (and so is the concept). Brothers drop off empty grocery bags throughout their community with a letter asking people to donate food for a local charity. They then return to pick up the bags on the first Saturday of November, weigh the bags, and deliver them to a local charity. Many additional activities can supplement the basic event of the food drive making it not only more fun for our brotherhood but also involving sororities, dorms, or other civic organizations (Boy Scouts, YMCA, etc.).

The advantages of the NAFD are numerous. Chapter brothers participate in a hands-on event with the immediate satisfaction of collecting food from the local community for a worthy charity. The synergy of all of Lambda Chi Alpha's chapters participating helps generate local, regional, and sometimes national and international media coverage for the event. Finally, Lambda Chi Alpha rewards leading chapters with awards and recognition at the General Assemblies and Leadership Seminars.

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Lambda Chi Alpha prides itself on its brotherhood, academics, and community relations. Our chapter event roster is updated following our Sunday chapter meetings

Dates are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.  Let us know if we're missing something!  Also, be sure to check out our photos for a first hand look at some of the events.

dream D.R.E.A.M. for Kids Foundation
    Based in San Luis Obispo, California, this foundation's purpose is to support and educate at-risk, foester children.  The D.R.E.A.M. educational campus, currently being planned, will benefit youth ages 4 to 18 with vocational training, on-site schooling, life-skills development programs, residential quarters, a recreational auditorium, medical and counseling facilities, shelters for gardening and animals, and more.
nafd North American Food Drive (NAFD)
    As the largest fraternal philanthropy of its kind, the NAFD has raised to date over three million pounds of food for those in need.  Once every year, each Lambda Chi chapter across the U.S. & Canada collects canned and non-perishable food and donates it to a food bank that will benefit the chapter's local community.  Often, campus sororities and non-Greek student organizations get involved, helping to collect even more food.
savation army The Salvation Army
    Our chapter has chosen the Salvation Army to donate the food we raise from the NAFD because its values and goals closely match those of Lambda Chi Alpha.  The food we raise benefits the Upper Peninsula of Michigan community.  We also assist the Salvation Army in other ways on an as needed basis.


WLUC TV6 Canathon
    We associate our involvement in the NAFD with the WLUC TV Canathon which helps us reach a larger donation audience through increased publicity.  Our brothers host the TV6 Canathon television shows and sort food donated during those television shows as well.
redcross American Red Cross
    The fraternity assists the American Red Cross through fundraisers and by providing free help.



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