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Any fraternity is proud of their history: its founders, its chapters, and its ritual.  History is part of what holds together the bond of Brotherhood that each organization claims.  The key to our brotherhood is bound by secrets that, if somehow observed by the outside world, cannot be understood.  Part of being a good brother of Lambda Chi Alpha is coming to a true understanding of the seemingly small, though far from, secretive details that define our brotherhood from others.  The values and symbols of our fraternity that we can share publicly hold immense meaning and harbor the memories of a very detailed history.  As such, like their private counterparts, they are to never be taken lightly.  Thank you for your interest in our fraternity and chapter!
coat arms

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Lambda Chi Alpha was founded by a man named Warren A. Cole while a student at Boston University on November 2, 1909 with the expressed objective purpose of bringing together college men of good moral character in the various collegiate institutions within the United States and Canada.  Cole's vision was to foster a high Christian standard of life and ideals; to promote honorable friendship; to cultivate intellectual excellence; to secure for members the greatest advantages in college life; to establish brotherly love and mutual aid; to develop close, personal connections between alumni, undergraduates and their institution, and to bind them together for mutual pleasure and interest in college and afterwards by testing each with courage, self-control, obedience, democracy, and courtesy toward all with whom they may come in contact.

In 1972, Lambda Chi Alpha became the first national fraternity to abolish pledging; in 1990, the first to create a risk management officer in each chapter.  Since 1993, Lambda Chi Alpha chapters everywhere have participated in the North American Food Drive, the fraternity's annual international philanthropic effort and the nation's largest single-day collegiate philanthropy event.  In 1999, Lambda Chi Alpha introduced a program called Impact Leadership, a progressive, multi-layered leadership training program for its undergraduate members.

Today, Lambda Chi Alpha, now known officially as Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity, is one of the largest men's general fraternities in North America with nearly 270,000 initiated members within over 300 different chapters at universities across the North American continent.  Lambda Chi Alpha is proud to be the first fraternity to eliminate "pledging" programs, synonymous with unnecessary hazing, and remains a leader in the fight against hazing, alcohol abuse, and other challenges facing today's college students.

The rest of our history is taught to our future.




These are the public symbols that define us as an organization.  Inherent in each of these symbols is great meaning that encompasses many levels of faith, history, and brotherhood.  As a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, these symbols become part of your heart and soul.  Therefore, we take great pride in protecting and understanding them.

coat arm Coat of Arms
    Coats of arms were originally family emblems.  Cities, societies, and institutions adopted them.  All college fraternities have them, but few have created their design with such faithful adherence to the laws of the ancient art of heraldry as has Lambda Chi Alpha.

    ...detailed further in The Paedagogus, possessed by all members.
badge Membership Badge
    Probably no fraternity badge has deeper meaning that that of Lambda Chi Alpha.  The pearls, the Greek letters, and the crescent have their symbolism, but each line of the crescent and the relationship of the emblems to each other add still greater significance.

    ...detailed further in The Paedagogus, possessed by all members.
associate member pin The Associate Member Pin
The associate member pin has a most interesting history because it embodies the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu as well as the original new member pin of Lambda Chi Alpha.  The original Lambda Chi Alpha pin was a Gothic arch, and with the union, this was superimposed upon the triangles composing the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu.

    ...detailed further in The Paedagogus, possessed by all members.
seal The Seal
    The seal is used to identify official General Fraternity documents and publications.  The seal is in the Fraternity's colors and bears the Greek inscription: "Seal of the Brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha."

    ...detailed further in The Paedagogus, possessed by all members.
flag The Flag
    The flag, as you can see, contains three stars surrounding the cross and the crescent which is stamped with the center-most emblem of The Seal of Lambda Chi Alpha.  The flag symbolizing meaning which is not entirely public.

    ...detailed further in The Paedagogus, possessed by all members.
ΛΧΑ Our Colors
    The fraternity colors are Purple, Green, and Gold.  Like universities, fraternities use colors as a visual means to differentiate each other.  Our colors are also symbolic.

    ...detailed further in The Paedagogus, possessed by all members.
whiterose The Flower
    The Fraternity flower is the White Rose, hence our annual alumni formal dance's title: White Rose.


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